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Add a touch of
luxury to your

At the core of our heritage are our ultra hydrophobic luxury hand crafted waxes, poured individually by hand and presented in our black glass 200ml jars.

The nature of wax means there is a general trade-off between Gloss, Durability, Beading, Ease of use and Sharpness (Chrome FX). Use our graphics to see how we designed each wax to fit specific attributes.

The same grade natural waxes as our luxury range blended to suit a budget. Entry level doesn't take anything away from the performance, these waxes are still hand crafted, will bead better than most waxes you have tried and will give fantastic results.

Our mid range blends start to feature more advanced ingredients such as luxury oils and si02 technology. The performance is increased over our entry level range with sharper finishes and longer durability along with improved water repellency.

This is what we can do regardless of budget, just taking the finest ingredients and designing si02 and ceramic based waxes which leave a jaw dropping finish, are a pleasure to work with and have super hydrophobic qualities.