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LAVENDER 200ml 【ケース無し】




LAVENDER 200ml 【ケース無し】

Lavender is one of our most popular waxes. Lavender will leave your paintwork looking dripping wet with gloss.
Due to its ingredients which contain high-quality T1 carnauba wax, the blend also contains natural fruits and oils giving a cosmetic grade lavender fragrance.
Lavender will give you 3-4 months longevity which can be boosted by regular maintenance washes and top up with products such as wax+, endurance, or glace.
I could keep talking about how good this wax is but I will point you in the direction of all the 5-star reviews.
Lavender, like all Mitchell and King waxes, are made in-house and hand-poured to perfection. Quality is assured with any Mitchell and King wax.