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BLANC 200ml




BLANC 200ml

Blanc helps to disperse bright light and cast it over the paint, ensuring a high gloss - something that can be a challenge on White paint.

Blanc is a wax blended specifically for white paintwork. Historically white paintwork is a highly reflective colour but lacks depth and gloss.

The ingredients used help disperse the glare associated with white paintwork and use that reflectivity to your advantage. Many blends were tried and tested whilst making blanc and eventually, a blend was created, these ingredients are petroleum-free and completely natural.

Blanc, like all Mitchell and king waxes is easy to apply with a cure time to allow you to do the whole vehicle before buffing. Longevity is approx. 3 - 4 months but with maintenance washes and a top up with products such as wax+, glace and endurance this longevity could be increased.